Our Achievements

Establishment of a Flight Safety Oversight Department staffed by professionally trained aviation personnel who are responsible for auditing airport security, auditing the transportation of dangerous Goods by Air, certification of domestic aerodromes and oversight of flight operations and airworthiness of large and small aircraft and the issuance of licences to pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers and Flight Dispatchers.

Successful completion of various audits by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) ensuring that Jamaica received and maintained its Category 1 status.

Completion of major regulatory amendments resulting in the passage of the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2004 allowing the JCAA to operate independently as regulators of the avaition industry.

Implementation of an Air Navigation Modernization Programme which included:

- Relocation of the Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre (KATCC) to facilities at 4 Winchester Road in Kingston with Autotrac 2 Air Traffic Management System.
- Installation of three primary and secondary air traffic control radar stations in Kingston, Montego Bay and Manchester with a modern microwave system to transport radar data from the stations to the Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre.
- The installation of two Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) at our airports, modern air-to-ground radios for voice communication between air traffic controllers and aircraft and a modern Aeronautical Messaging system.
- of the Civil Aviation Authority Training Institute (CAATI) by increasing the number of tutors and courses, with modern radar simulators.