Director General's Message

On behalf of our Board of Directors, management, team members and partners, I welcome you to the official website of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority

As the regulatory organisation responsible for ensuring the safe, orderly and sustainable development of Jamaica’s air transport industry in accordance with ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices, the JCAA remains steadfastly committed to its mission of ensuring that our national, regional and international publics are provided with a safe, efficient and user-friendly air transport system.

Aviation is currently at the nexus and nucleus of one of the most exciting eras in modern history. Indeed, the positive trajectory of Jamaica’s industry, along with its buoyancy, safe development and growth has been and will continue to be grounded in several pillars. Chief among these are the strategic objectives of ensuring the safety and security of our air transport system, as prerequisite and fundamental objectives; modernizing and increasing the capacity and efficiency of Jamaica’s air navigation services and systems to satiate current and future needs (particularly in the context of catalytic air transportation growth projections); and enhancing the JCAA’s regulatory capacity vis-ŕ-vis the security of air transport, while facilitating optimum efficiency in respect of the movement of passengers and goods.

Unprecedented growth will continue to bring unprecedented challenges, and the sustainability of the local and international aviation industries is a concern for all stakeholders, internationally. In this arena, the JCAA has strategically positioned itself to regulate Jamaica’s industry in ways that augur its sound, viable and sustainable development, both in economic and environmental terms. These efforts are deemed seminal, given international dependence on aviation as a preeminent and ultra-efficient transportation mode, its overarching role as an enabler of global trade and prosperity, and the industry’s critical role in supporting Jamaica’s socio-economic growth and development.

The JCAA has, accordingly, pursued responsible stewardship measures aimed at market liberalization and expansion and facilitating an enabling environment through participation in legislative reform processes. It has also supported efforts to engender the signing of new Air Services Agreements with an increasing number of States, over the last few years.

Jamaica’s aviation industry is poised to SOAR through an ongoing process of transformation, as the JCAA provides excellent Service, Ontime, with the right Attitude, while always displaying Respect for our industry stakeholders and customers.   READ MORE HERE...

Mr. Nari Williams Singh, J.P.
Director General