To be recognized as a world-class civil aviation, integrally involved in the sustainable development of a safe and thriving global aviation community that supports and serves Jamaica.


The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority's mission is to ensure that the public is provided with a safe, reliable, efficient and user-friendly Air Transport System, being cognizant of the standards and recommended practices developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

In carrying out its mission, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority has a commitment to:

The safe and orderly development of Civil Aviation in Jamaica, (acknowledging the Convention of International Civil Aviation);
Providing efficient and user-responsive Air Navigation Services to the national and international community;
Co-operating with other agencies in the facilitation, provision, and regulation of a reliable and effective public Air Transport System;
Providing an appropriate environment for the growth, development and enhancement of professionalism of its staff.

Core Values

We will carry out the mandate of the JCAA with honesty, openness, impartiality, and reliability
We will promote and support adherence to applicable environmental standards at all times.
We aim for excellence in the service we deliver and in our daily performance.
We will strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers at all times.