The Flight Safety Division was created within the Civil Aviation Authority in August 1996 to regulate flight operations and to ensure airworthiness and safety of aircraft in Jamaica.

The Flight Safety Division is responsible for regulatory activity related to safety promotion, development of safety regulations, standards and inspection procedures, Licensing of flight crew, aircraft maintenance engineers, and air traffic controllers, certification and routine inspection of aerodromes and air operators, Passengers' Safety and Aviation Security, surveillance and enforcement and investigation of incidents and accidents.

The Division is staffed by a Director, five (5) operations inspectors, five (5) airworthiness inspectors, two (2) security and one (1) cabin safety inspector who also is a dangerous goods specialist, one (1) licensing officer and two (2) support staff. Technical staff training is done internally through formal and on-the-job training and with formal specialty training courses with Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration, International Air Transport Association, aircraft manufacturers and airline sponsored training. Inspectors are trained on Airbus A340, A310, A300, A320/321, Boeing B-747, B-737, B-727, Douglas DC-8, DC-9, MD83, Bombardier DHC8, SD360, DHC-6, Dornier Do228, Beech King Air series, Cessna Citation, various light aircraft including most Cessna, Beech and Piper singles and twins, and helicopters including the Bell 206 and military helicopters. Both Operations and Airworthiness Inspectors hold type ratings on the transport category aircraft and remain current on most types operated in Jamaica.

Flight Safety Emergency Contact # 881 - JCAA (5222)