Secretary-Human Resource Department

The incumbent will be responsible for providing general administrative and secretarial support to facilitate the efficient administration of various human resources related activities. He/She will be required to assist in the functional areas of recruitment/staffing logistics, records management, compensation/benefits administration, employee relations, welfare/wellness related activities and general execution of human resource services and programs.

Senior Accountant- Payables and Payroll

The incumbent, who will report to the Manager, Payables & Payroll, the Senior Accountant, will be responsible for all disbursements of the Authority’s funds and maintenance of Subsidiary Payables ledger, the verification of payment vouchers and purchase orders and the supervision of Payroll activities.

Career Opportunity – Paralegal

The Paralegal will have the responsibility to investigate facts; research and identify relevant laws or legal practices; organize and analyse information; maintain all official records and files; prepare and file legal instruments/documents and/or reports to assist in handling cases; and issues and maintain follow-up for all legal matters for the Authority.  

Career Opportunity – Systems Technician

The Systems Technician will be required to assist in developing and maintaining software solutions, which meet the information technology requirements of the various departments within the JCAA.  


The incumbent, who will report to the Manager, Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services and Safety Management Systems Oversight, is required to provide safety oversight for all aerodromes and aerodrome operators, including, inter alia: • conducting audits of aerodrome operating procedures and performing onsite testing of facilities • reviewing and approving aerodrome operations manuals and any other similar or related manuals • participating in the investigation of all accidents and incidents when requested He/she will also be responsible for conducting/managing the certification/registration process for any aerodrome, as directed, to ensure continued compliance …

Technical Assistant – Licensing and Registry

This position will be responsible for providing technical support services to the Flight Safety Division, in order to facilitate the issuance of Personnel Licenses, Aircraft Certificates and Aircraft Registry Reports.

Director General’s Message For 2017

As we appreciate the novelty of the 2017 year, and anticipate the fulfilment of the opportunities it brings, I join Chairman of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), Mr. Phillip Henriques and members of the JCAA’s Board, in wishing our invaluable team members, industry partners and stakeholders a healthy, happy and successful 2017! The JCAA is grateful that, as an Authority, we were able to transition to the 2017 year on a positive note, by maintaining an aviation industry that supports and serves Jamaica, as a facilitator of trade, tourism …