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Please read the DISCLAIMER carefully before downloading and using the following information including the Schedules:

  • Civil Aviation Act 1966
  • Pecuniary Penalty
  • Civil Aviaition Regulations 2012 – Reg. 251 – Corrigendum gazetted
  • Civil Aviation Regulations, 2012
  • Carriage By Air (Montreal Convention) Act 2009
  • The Civil Aviation (Air Transport Licensing) Regulations 1966 as amended
  • The Airports (Economic Regulation) Act 2002

The Civil Aviation Act:

An Act to govern civil aviation and related activities.
Legislation Type: Act
Legal Area: Transport
Operational Date: June 1, 1966

THE CIVIL AVIATION ACT Civil Aviation Air Navigation Regulations 1995


The Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2015. No 23
The Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2017 No. 21

Other Related Legislation:

Airports (Economic Regulation) Act
The Aircraft (Tokyo, Hague and Montreal Conventions) Act

For the latest revisions of The Civil Aviation Act and associated regulations, please visit the Jamaica Parliament website at and the Ministry of Justice website:

Schedules- The Civil Aviation Regulations 2012

  1. First Schedule
  2. Second Schedule
  3. Third Schedule
  4. Fourth Schedule
  5. Fifth Schedule
  6. Sixth Schedule
  7. Seventh Schedule
  8. Eighth A Schedule
  9. Eighth B Schedule
  10. Ninth Schedule
  11. Tenth Schedule
  12. Eleventh Schedule
  13. Twelfth Schedule
  14. Thirteenth Schedule
  15. Fourteenth Schedule
  16. Fifteenth Schedule
  17. Sixteenth Schedule
  18. Seventeenth Schedule
  19. Eighteenth Schedule
  20. Nineteenth Schedule
  21. Twentieth Schedule
  22. Twenty First Schedule
  23. Twenty Second Schedule
  24. Twenty Third Schedule
  25. Twenty Fourth A Schedule
  26. Twenty Fourth B Schedule
  27. Twenty Fourth C Schedule
  28. Twenty Fourth D Schedule