Main Roles and Functions

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) is a statutory organization within the Ministry of Transport and Mining. Our main functions are:

  • to regulate Jamaica’s air transport industry to ensure its safe and orderly operation and development
  • to provide reliable and efficient air navigation services to support a safe, efficient and sustainable air transport sector

Through vibrant and effective leadership and oversight, the JCAA is also focused on ensuring:

  • the safe and orderly conduct of all aviation activities in Jamaica, as well as those conducted overseas by Jamaican Operators
  • efficient and user responsive Air Navigation Services to the national and international aviation communities
  • cooperation with other agencies in the facilitation, provision and regulation of a reliable and safe Air Transport System.
  • a conducive environment for the development and self-actualization of staff.

Air transportation safety remains our foremost priority.
Since the incorporation of the JCAA through the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act in 1995, the JCAA has built on the achievements of its predecessor agency, the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), to ensure that the industry operates in compliance with:

  • Jamaica’s Civil Aviation Act & Regulations and
  • the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of the Chicago Convention  on International Civil Aviation (1944).

Our Leadership

The JCAA is headed by a Director General and guided by a twelve (12) member Board.

The oversight activities of the JCAA’s Board ensure:

  • the achievement of the JCAA’s mandate, including its industry safety, growth and efficiency objectives
  • accountability in the management of resources
  • the implementation of adequate control, evaluation and reporting systems to meet corporate goals and performance targets.