Obstacle Evaluation and Procedure Development

Constant and vigilant assessment of all existing and proposed structures within and outside an airport boundary is critical for the safe and efficient use of an aerodrome. Indeed, this  is as important as the physical structures and requirements of runways and their associated strips.

When buildings encroach on the airspace needed for aircraft operations, a conflict of interest as well as potential risks arise between property owners and airport operators. If these differences cannot be resolved, it becomes necessary for the civil aviation authority to establish restrictions to limit operations and developments, in the interest of safety.

If tall structures are erected in or near areas otherwise suitable for instrument approach procedures, such structures may limit the desired flexibility for radar vectoring, initial approaches, or the facility for an aircraft to turn en route, during the departure climb or during a missed approach.

Control of obstacles in the vicinity of airports is, therefore, a matter of national interest and concern to the government, local communities, property owners and airport authorities. The Jamaican government, through the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority has the authority to establish criteria for the limitation of obstacles and to provide guidelines to those directly concerned with plans to erect tall structures.