Civil Aviation Training Institute

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Training School was established in the 1970’s at the now defunct Palisadoes Airport. Its core purpose was the training of Air Traffic Controllers for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), which was later transformed into the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) in 1995.

During the period 1981 to 1988, the school, which was called the Jamaica Air Traffic Services Academy, had the capability to train to Air Traffic Control Assistants only. In 1989, an instructor from Australia was employed to upgrade the school and its capacity to provide all levels of Air Traffic Control training. The school was, thereafter, renamed the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority Training Institute (CAATI) and later relocated to the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority’s Headquarters at 4 Winchester Road, Kingston 10.

The CAATI has experienced major achievements over the years. These have included:

  • ICAO TRAINIAR PLUS Programme (TPP) Associate Membership -2012
  • ICAO TRAINIAR PLUS Programme Full Membership – 2013
  • Hosting of Regional Symposia – ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals and TRAINIAR PLUS – 2013
  • Renewal of ICAO TRAINIAR PLUS Full Membership – 2015
  • ICAO TPP Training Instructor Course (TIC) Certification of all CAATI Instructors
  • Establishment of dedicated Course Development Unit
  • ICAO TPP Training Developer Course (TDC) Certification of all Course Developers
  • Training to non-ATC staff at the JCAA, as well as industry stakeholders
  • Creation of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Standardized Training Packages (STP)
  • Successful conduct of:
    • Air Traffic Services (ATS) courses (Basic, Assistant, Flight Data Processor, Aerodrome, Approach, Area, Procedural/Non-Radar and Radar)
    • ICAO TRAINIAR PLUS Training Developer Course (TDC)
    • ICAO TRAINIAR PLUS Training Instructor Course (TIC)
    • Human Factors in Aviation Courses
    • Air Navigation Aids Technicians ATC Procedures Basic Indoctrination
    • Airside Communication Course
    • Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) course
    • Instructor On-the-Job Training Programme
    • ATS Familiarization Course
    • Airport and Air Navigations Services Providers (ANSPs), Principles of Economic Regulation
  • Capability to host all ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Courses in ICAO’s Electronic Library on demand
  • CAATI Courses 2018

Support Modernisation and Growth

Jamaica’s Air Traffic Services environment is being impacted by the widespread introduction of new operational improvements and advanced automated Air Traffic Management systems. CAATI’s cadre of highly skilled, professional staff is poised to ensure that the human element is well-trained, in order to ensure the safety and continued efficiency of our aviation system.