Corporate Communications & Information Services


To support the achievement of the JCAA’s mission, vision and strategic goals by strategically communicating with, educating and engaging key internal and external  stakeholder groups to support an environment of goodwill, greater awareness, collaboration, open communication and trust.

The CCIS Department is committed to supporting the JCAA’s mandate of ensuring the  safe , orderly and sustainable development of Jamaica’s air transport industry. We do this by:

  • increasing awareness about the Authority’s roles, strategic activities and functions
  • engaging stakeholders and disseminating timely and useful information to support the various needs of these groups

Main activities

The department has, therefore, intensified efforts to:

  • highlight the role, functions & accomplishments of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) to target groups / stakeholders
  • guide stakeholder groups in understanding the Authority, its functions, values, services and regulations.
  • articulate the organisation’s strategic goals, objectives and initiatives internally, in order to support the sustainment of an engaged, energized and productive workforce
  • coordinate and showcase the JCAA ‘s corporate social responsibility activities, as a responsible corporate citizen