Personnel Licensing

For general examination details please view the following:

  1. Examinations
  2. Practical Testing

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority issues the following licences:

The flight crew licences provided for by Annex 1 are as follows:

  1. Private Pilot Licence (aeroplane, helicopter)
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence (aeroplane, helicopter)
  3. Airline Transport Pilot Licence (aeroplane, helicopter)
  4. Student Pilot

The Licences for personnel other than flight crew

  1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  2. Air Traffic Controller
  3. Trainee Air Traffic Controller
  4. Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer

Ratings offered include:

  1. Flight Instructor Rating
  2. Aircraft Rating

Other procedures facilitated by the JCAA are:

  1. Conversion of licence types
  2. Validation of a foreign licence

See here the Schedule of Fees

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