Air Traffic Controller Licence

Proof of Jamaican Citizenship and Age:

  • Birth Certificate/Baptismal Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Passport

Proof of Identity and Residential Address:

  • Driver’s licences
  • Government identification cards

In the absence of a government issued photographic identification, the applicant shall submit a passport sized photograph, certified by a Justice of the Peace to be a true photograph of the applicant.

Air Traffic Controller Eligibility Requirements

To establish eligibility the following should be checked:

(a)       Age:  be at least 21 years of age

(b)       Language:  be able to read, write, understand, and speak the English language by meeting the Level 6 English Language Proficiency requirements of Annex 1; and

(c)       Medical Qualification:  hold a class 3 medical certificate.


Air Traffic Controller Knowledge Requirements

An applicant for an Air Traffic Controller Licence shall have demonstrated a level of knowledge in the following areas:

(a)       Principles of flight: principles of operation and functioning of aircraft, powerplants and systems; aircraft performance relevant to the air traffic control operations;

(b)       Human performance and limitations relevant to air traffic control;

(c)       Aeronautical meteorology; use and appreciation of meteorological documentation and information; origin and characteristics of weather phenomena affecting flight operations and safety; altimetry;

(d)       Principles of air navigation, limitation and accuracy of navigation systems and visual aids; and

(e)       Air traffic control, communication, radiotelephony and phraseology procedure (routine, non-routine and emergency); use of the relevant aeronautical documentation; and safety practices associated with flight.


An applicant for an Air Traffic Controller Licence shall have demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the Authority, a level of knowledge in the following areas appropriate to the rating that will be endorsed-

(a)       Airspace structure;

(b)       Applicable rules, procedures and information sources;

(c)       Jamaica Civil Aviation Regulations and the Manual of Operations;

(d)       Air Navigation facilities;

(e)       Air traffic control equipment and its use;

(f)        Terrain and prominent landmark;

(g)       Characteristics of air traffic and traffic flow;

(h)       Meteorology and weather phenomena;

(i)        Emergency and search and rescue plan;

(j)        Principles, use and limitations of radar and other surveillance systems and associated equipment and

(k)       Procedures for the provision of approach or area radar control services, as appropriate, including procedures to ensure appropriate terrain clearance.


Air Traffic Controller Experience Requirements

An applicant for an Air Traffic Controller Licence shall have completed an approved training course.