Purpose of the course

The PTE course trains personnel on how to implement the TRAINAIR PLUS post-training evaluation methodology. The purpose of the methodology is to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on the impact of training on job performance. Results provide valuable information on the course effectiveness to all stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • apply the theoretical and practical framework of the TRAINAIR PLUS Level 3 post-training evaluation (L3PTE) methodology;
  • apply Level 3 post-training evaluation procedures;
  • adjust the Level 3 post-training evaluation scale to course-specific requirements and
  • issue a Level 3 Post-Training Evaluation Report

Target Audience

  • TRAINAIR PLUS course developers implementing the competency-based training methodology in course development;
  • Instructors of a training organization who will promote the post-training evaluation processes and evaluation culture among trainees; and
  • Training managers who will support the implementation of post-training evaluation processes in a training organization.

Entry Requirements

At least one of the following:

  • must have successfully completed the TRAINAIR PLUS Training Development Course (TDC) course;
  • be an ICAO Qualified Course Developer (IQCD);
  • be an instructor of a Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC)
  • be a manager in a Training Organization


Structure of the course

Duration: 5 days

Delivery Mode: Virtual Classroom

Language of Instruction: English

Cost : US$1,150


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