Statistical Analysis and Research

The Statistical Analysis and Research Unit provides the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority and its stakeholders with statistics that assist informed decision-making.

The Statistical Unit collects and collates statistics on passenger and aircraft movement in and out of Jamaica’s airports. These statistics detail aircraft movements at both international airports pertaining to scheduled, non-scheduled flights and domestic private and other flights.

All airlines providing scheduled services into Jamaica are required by the Civil Aviation (Air Transport Licensing) Regulations to complete a Form 7 each month with the following information:

  • Aircraft type
  • Frequency of service
  • Name of operator/airline etc.

Air Transport Reporting Forms

The Statistical Unit is required to coordinate and submit all Air Transport Reporting Forms to ICAO. These Air Transport Forms are comprehensive and are integral to ICAO’s statistical publications which contain information on the financial results and operations of commercial air carriers, airports and air navigation services providers.

ICAO Air Transport Reporting Forms

Airfares and Rates

All scheduled carriers operating flights into Jamaica are required to file fares and rates and the conditions governing these tariffs with the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, subject to the terms and conditions of their respective Air Service Agreements. This is done before these fares are made available for sale to the public.

Statistical Analysis

The following statistics can be viewed by clicking on each link in the table below:

  1. Aircraft Movement Annual Statistics (1991-2010)
  2. Aircraft Movement Annual Statistics (2011-2015)
  3. Domestic Traffic by Aerodrome Jan 2003 – 2010
  4. Domestic Traffic by Aerodrome (2011-2015)
  5. Passenger Movements Statistics (1992-2010)
  6. Passenger Movements Statistics (2011-2015)
  7. Cargo Activity SIA-NMIA (1985-2010)
  8. Cargo Activity SIA- NMIA (2010-2015)
  9. Schedule Air Service Operators into Jamaica as at December 5, 2008
  10. Air Service Permits Issued (2012-2016)
  11. Aircraft Movement Annual Statistics (2011-2019)
  12. Aircraft Operation and Passenger Movement- 2011-2019
  13. Cargo Activity SIA-NMIA – 2011-2019
  14. Domestic Traffic by Aerodrome 2011-2019
  15. Passenger Movement Statistics 2011-2019
  16. JCAA Statistical Report – Jan – Jun 2020
  17. JCAA Statistical Report – Jul – Sept 2020
  18. JCAA Statistical Report – Oct – Dec 2020
  19. JCAA Statistical Report – Jan – Mar 2021
  20. JCAA Statistical Report – Apr -Jun 2021
  21. JCAA Statistical Report – Jul – Sept 2021
  22. JCAA Statistical Report – Oct – Dec 2021
  23. JCAA Statistical Report – Jan – Mar 2022
  24. JCAA Statistical Report – Apr -Jun 2022
  25. JCAA Statistical Report – Jul – Sept 2022
  26. JCAA Statistical Report – Oct – Dec 2022
  27. JCAA Statistical Report – Jan – Mar 2023
  28. JCAA Statistical Report – Apr -Jun 2023