Glossary of Terms

Aircraft Movement: an aircraft take-off or landing at an airport. For airport traffic purposes one arrival and one departure are counted as two movements.

Private Movements: are movements for purely non-commercial purposes by private owners or other private aircraft operators.

Military Movements: are movements exclusively for military purposes using military aircraft. Military movements at military airfields are not included in these statistics.

Cargo/Freight: is the weight of property carried on an aircraft including for example, the weight of vehicles, excess baggage and diplomatic bags, but excluding mail and passengers’ and crew’ permitted baggage. Cargo in transit through the airport on the same aircraft is excluded.

A cargo movement: is a flight carrying solely freight and/or mail and associated cargo attendants.

Scheduled: air service is typically an air service open to use by the general public and operated according to a published timetable or with such a regular frequency that it constitutes an easily recognizable systematic series of flights.

Non-Scheduled: air service is a commercial air transport service performed as other than scheduled air service.

IFR Flight: A flight conducted in accordance with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

VFR Flight: A flight conducted in accordance with Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Domestic Movement: Movements at a Jamaican airport or aerodrome, of aircraft departing to or arriving from another point in Jamaica.

International Movement: Movements, at a Jamaican airport, of an aircraft arriving from or departing to a point outside of Jamaica.

Intermediate Point: Any point in an itinerary, other than the origin and destination.

Inbound Cargo: cargo offloaded from an aircraft at a Jamaican airport.

Outbound Cargo: cargo loaded onto an aircraft at a Jamaican airport.

Overflight rights: is the right or privilege granted to a State of flying across the territory of the State making the grant, without landing, on a scheduled or other than scheduled international air service.

Intransit Passenger: a passenger arriving and departing on the same aircraft, whether passenger disembarked aircraft to use terminal facilities or stay on aircraft.