Role of JCAA AVSEC Unit

The AVSEC Unit is responsible for ensuring compliance with and implementation of the security regulations by the aviation industry players, reviewing and approving existing and new aviation security programmes and aviation security training programmes for air operators, airport operators, air navigation service providers, catering companies, handling companies, AVSEC training organizations, AVSEC instructors, contracted security providers, known consignors, regulated agents and other aviation security stakeholders.

The methods used by the AVSEC Unit to achieve its mandate include:

  • Publishing of Aviation Security Regulations and the National Civil Aviation Security Programme;
  • Conducting seminars and training to update aviation industry on security requirements;
  • Conducting regular and routine security Audits, inspections, surveys and tests at Aviation interests to ensure compliance with regulations;
  • Preparing inspection reports and where necessary, commence enforcement action against violators of The Aviation Regulations;
  • Updating regulations with changes and issuing Security Directives and Notices where appropriate;
  • Review and approval of Aviation Industry manuals, including Air Operator, Airport Operators, Security Companies, catering companies and others.