Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services and SMS Oversight

Jamaica has three (3) international airports, as well as various public aerodromes, private aerodromes, and several authorized helicopter-landing areas. This listing does not include military facilities or those aerodromes that are presently not in use. Jamaica is working to achieve a higher growth rate in the general aviation sector of the industry, and this activity may result in some aerodromes being constructed or re-opened. Aerodrome certification regulations were enacted into law in March 1998 and the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) is currently working with airport and aerodrome operators to complete certification and registration requirements. Aerodromes that require certification are those with international designation, as well as those that are served by scheduled services with aircraft carrying ten or more passengers. The remainder will be listed in the Jamaica Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP Jamaica). Jamaican regulations specify and enable ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes, as the relevant certification standards.

Below is a Guidance Manual on Wildlife Hazard Management

JCAA Wildlife Hazard Management Manual

Below is the JCAA Aerodromes Certification Manual

JCAA Aerodromes Certification Manual