This section is responsible for ensuring that all aircraft on the Jamaican aircraft registry are maintained to the standards established under the Civil Aviation Regulations and ICAO Annex 6.

The Airworthiness section is staffed by a cadre of Airworthiness Safety Inspectors (ASI) who are all licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Their main functions are to:

  • ensure that aircraft inspection programmes are assessed and approved, then satisfactorily implemented by qualified and competent personnel.
  • inspect Jamaican registered aircraft, and the documentation relating to the maintenance performed on those aircraft, on an annual, as well as an on-going basis
  • inspect other operators on an ad hoc basis.
  • conduct accident/incident investigations
  • assess the competence of applicants for AME Licences by setting and grading written examinations and by administering oral examinations, when required.
  • conduct routine ramp inspections and surveillance on foreign registered aircraft operating in Jamaica.
  • inspect local and overseas maintenance facilities used by Jamaican operators.
  • assess and approve maintenance training programs.