AVSEC Unit Achievements

The Aviation Security Unit has accomplished a significant number of achievements to include the following:

  • Certification of contracted security providers, handling agents, aviation security screeners and national AVSEC instructors;
  • Conducting security seminars for domestic air operators on security awareness and screening;
  • Implementing Security Directive to introduce screening of all passengers at domestic and international aerodromes;
  • Coordinated State’sTable Top Security exercise at Norman Manley International Airport in 2005;
  • Monitoring of airport operators’ security table top and full scale exercises;
  • Approving security manuals for air operators, aerodrome operators, contracted security providers and handling agents;
  • Approving security training manual for air operators, aerodrome operators, contracted security providers, catering companies, handling agents and other aviation stakeholders;
  • Delivering of aviation security training in Passenger Interdiction, Risk Management, Crisis Management, Cargo Security, Insider Threat, Instructor Certification and other Training.