Flight Safety Forms

FS001 (formerly FSAW 0001) – Certificate of Registration – Application

FS204A (formerly FSAW0004) – PASI – Pre-application of Statement of Intent

FS006 (formerly FSAW 0010) – Certificate of Airworthiness – Application for Issue / Renewal

FS006B (formerly FSAW 0011) – Aircraft Status Report (C of A Renewal only)

FSAW0012A – Aircraft Importation Checklist – App. (C of A – Initial Issue)

FSAW0012B – Aircraft Importation Quick Reference Checklist

FSAW0012(Inst.) – Appendix A Instructions – Aircraft Importation Checklist

FSAW0020 – Application for Flight Permit

FS013 (formerly FSAW 0031)

FSAW0040 – AMO Application (initial issue, renewal, charges)

FS021 (formerly FSAW0045) – Authorised Release Certificate

FSAW0050 – Mandatory Occurrence Report

FS219 – Application for Flight Crew Licence


DG Guidance Reporting Form – DG Guidance Reporting Form