Baggage Policies

Provision of Information

In accordance with international and local regulations, airlines are required to provide passengers with information regarding the size, amount and weight of checked and carry-on baggage. Each airline shall publish its baggage policies, after establishing the maximum dimensions and number of articles or combination of articles that can be safely stowed on board by each passenger.

Checked and carry-on baggage information is usually provided either on the passenger ticket, or as a brochure included with the passenger ticket. Before traveling, passengers can obtain additional information from the airline’s Reservations Department.

Carry-on baggage consists of any item taken into the aircraft cabin by a passenger. These include:

  • A carry-on tote or roller-board bag
  • Garment bag
  • Lap-top computer
  • Attaché case
  • Lady’s handbag
  • Duty free items
  • Baby bag
  • Cameras/binoculars
  • Video recorders
  • Coats/wraps
  • Canes/Crutches

Check-in Procedures

When checking in, passengers shall present their checked and carry-on baggage to the check-in agent. This will enable the agent to confirm that the items are of an acceptable size and weight for carriage in the aircraft.

Aircraft Approved Stowage Areas

Carry-on baggage stowage areas on the aircraft have to meet regulatory standards that are approved by the regulatory authorities. It is essential that carry-on baggage be stowed in accordance with safety regulations. These are:

  • Under Seat Stowage – Heavier articles must be placed on the floor under the seat in front of each passenger. They must be pushed forward until they touch the bar which prevents the article from sliding forward or sideways.
  • Overhead Compartments – Overhead compartments are limited to the size and weight of the articles they can hold. Generally, smaller, lighter items should be placed in these compartments. This ensures the safety of passengers  in relation to falling items, should the compartment be inadvertently opened during flight.
  • Coatroom – On aircraft where these are provided, a maximum weight limit is also stipulated and approved for this stowage area.