Height and Airspace Requirements

Unmanned Aircraft shall not be operated:

  • at a height exceeding 400 feet (122 metres) above ground level.
  • beyond a maximum range of 1640 feet (500 metres).
  • at a distance beyond the unaided visual range of the operator(s) of the aircraft.
  • using a First-Person View (FPV) or computer-aided visual of the UA.
  • over or within 500 feet (152 metres) of an organized open-air assembly of people.
  • over or within 165 feet (50 metres) of any person. However, during take-off and landing, the aircraft may be flown within 165 feet (50 metres), but no less than 100 feet (30 metres) of any person. These stipulations do not apply to the person in control of the aircraft.
  • over a private or public property or dwelling, without prior permission.
  • within or over restricted or prohibited airspace.
  • within 16,500 feet (5,000 metres) of any aerodrome or rotorcraft designated landing zones, such as helipads.


Conditions for flight

Unmanned Aircraft shall not be operated:

  • if not equipped with fail-safe mechanisms that will cause the aircraft to land in the event of a loss of radio control communications and the person in charge of the aircraft has been satisfied that the mechanisms are in good working order before flight.
  • if the aircraft has not been verified as being able to complete its intended flight, taking into

consideration the payload, wind, and propulsive power availability for the duration of the flight.

  • autonomously or on pre-programmed automatic flights.
  • at night or during low visibility conditions.
  • with the intention of dropping or discharging any items to the ground.


Further Guidelines for the Safe Operation of UAs

Flights must be conducted:

  • within the operator’s visual line of sight (VLOS).
  • clear of all visual obstructions, including clouds, buildings, hills, etc.
  • without a first-person view device.
  • safely and without recklessness.
  • at safe distances away from all obstacles.


For further information, please contact the Flight Safety Division of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority at 876 960-3948 or email