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The Flight Safety Division is responsible for regulatory activity related to safety promotion, development of safety regulations, standards and inspection procedures, Licensing of flight crew, aircraft maintenance engineers, and air traffic controllers, certification and routine inspection of aerodromes and air operators, Passengers’ Safety and Aviation Security, surveillance and enforcement and investigation of incidents and accidents.

The Air Navigation Services Division is responsible for the provision of for Air Traffic Services (ATS); ATS Training; Quality Assurance; Aeronautical Information Services; Obstacle Evaluation & Procedures Development; Aeronautical Meteorology; Aeronautical Telecommunications and Aeronautical Search & Rescue. The division is headed by a Director, who is supported by Managers, Engineers and other Technical Officers.

The Economic Regulation Division of the Civil Aviation Authority has responsibility for the orderly development and expansion of air transport in Jamaica on a sound economic basis. As a member of the Jamaican Air Policy Committee, the Division also advises the Government of Jamaica on the economic aspects of the aviation industry in Jamaica.